Thursday, 26 January 2012

Zahia Dehar

I'm not into football and I don't follow any footballer news or gossip apart from what my boyfriend happens to tell me, so I had never heard of Zahia Dehar and the footballer / prostitution scandal. However I was reading a newspaper online which was talking about her and how she has turned from prostitute to lingerie designer. She even had her shoot photographed by Karl Lagerfeld! On reading this I was disgusted and went on a "it kills me how people get famous now a days" rant but then I googled her....

After watching this video and others I can see how this girl is actually disgustingly beautiful and prostitution or not she probably would have made it to Hollywood anyway! I then went on to look at Google images of her and I must say before Vanity fair and the likes cleaned her up she wasn't looking so chic but hey everybody has a past and nobody's perfect! 

Either way Lagerfeld described her as "very French courtesan, like Liane de Pougy or the Belle Otéro", I describe her as the epitome of Parisian sexy chic. 

Lots of love

Charlotte Amy x


  1. I initially was a bit dubious about Zahia but we all do things we might regret! She's stunning and i hope people don't give her too much stick about her previous job. Love your blog btw! xx