Friday, 13 January 2012

Solange Knowles

Beyonce might be the Divalicious superstar out of the Knowles sisters but Solange should definitely be recognised for her AMAZING style. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Beyonce fan, massive,  but  she isn't really known for having a particularly exciting style. Whereas Solange on the other hand has this amazing and interesting personal style that I just want to imitate. I love everything she wears simply because of the way she wears it, she knows what suits her figure and which colours look great and she's found her style niche which is that vintage but modern, amazonic, boho, African queen kinda feel. I Love it!

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She actually has a gorgeous voice too, here's an unreleased song by Solange - Favors- which I think is absolutely beautiful.

Lots of love 

Charlotte Amy x 


  1. I agree with you about Solange. I think her style stands out more than her sister's. While Beyonce tends to stick to the same silhouettes and colors as what is already trendy, Solange here is the one setting trends. I always love looking at pictures of her because her taste is so exotic and chic.

    You have a lovely blog :) I'm now following.


    1. Exactly! Thank you for following :) xxx