Thursday, 12 January 2012

Kourtney K Inspiration

My style icon for 2011 is Kourtney Kardashian and she is my inspiration for 2012.

Everything she wears just seems so effortlessly chic, whether she's going to the zoo with Mason or hitting the shops with her sisters. The Kardashians get some lip, especially after the whole 72 day wedding fiasco, but one thing you cannot fault them on is style! I think they all have great style, and thats what first drew me to Kim Kardashian in the begining of her "career" (not the sex tape scandal). Saying this I think that Kourtney is the leader of the stylish pack.

Here are my favourite Kourtney K ensembles:

I can't wait until spring so I can imitate this look

I need to find a chic 2 piece like this!

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Lots of love 

Charlotte Amy x


  1. Hola!! Te acabo de conocer!! Te sigo!! Espero que tú puedas hacer lo mismo por mí!!
    Gracias!! ;)
    Un besito

    1. Gracias! Te sigo ahora también :) xxx