Sunday, 8 January 2012

Coco Chanel & Silky Pyjamas

I'm that kind of person who loves to be comfortable and there isn't anything I love doing more than watching movies and eating heavenly treats in my pyjamas. I like to think that I am a stylish person but no one can look stylish if their pyjamas consist of an old t-shirt stolen from your boyfriend and some baggy trousers can they. That is why I went on a chic pyjama hunt! I found some gorgeous sets from Laredoute for under £30 so I bought a black satin and a cream satin set as well as a black satin robe to ensure I always look chic even if I'm just lazing around the house.

So tonight I put my new pyjamas to the test and snuggled on my sofa with a slice of cake and Coco before Chanel on DVD. 

Lots of love 

Charlotte Amy x 


  1. Love these pyjamas, as a guy I really appreciate satin pyjamas, so comfy, and look good on. Not just for girls!